Needing Photos for NEW ROD Website

At the Spring ICSCC meeting this weekend, the creation of an ROD Website was given the go ahead. We have secured a domain name for "raceoffiicials dot com". We also have had set up for us, by our esteemed web guru Steve Adams, "rod.icscc dot com". One site, two different ways to get there.

In order to start this process, we are looking for photos/action shots for the following:

(Please ensure that we have permission from the people in these pictures if their face is recognizable)

Tech, Race Control, Timing & Scoring, Pre-Grid, Starters, Driver Services, Registration, Safety/E/Crew, Flagging & Communications, Sound Control, Track Set Up, Social Gatherings.

We would also like some shots of large grids going into a turn if possible.
(a picture says it all) Photo credit will be given if requested.

So I am throwing this out to all, if you have something that the ROD could use, please send me an email letting me know what you have and we will go from there.

Thanks so much.
Lynn Rimmer
ROD Director - ICSCC

(I just got this feeling of being in wayyyyy over my head)


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2009 race schedule

Betting the schedule will be up in the normal place real soon now, but until then:

Mar 8 - IRDC PR Enduro

April 25-26 CSCC PIR
May 2-3 IRDC PR
June 6-7 CSCC PIR
June 20-21 SCCBC Mission
July 17-18-19 NWMS SCRP (double race)
Aug 1-2 IRDC PR
Aug 15-16 CSCC PIR
Sept 5-6-7 SCCBC Mission (double race)
Sept 12-13 CSCC PIR
Sept 26-27 IRDC PR
Oct 10-11 TC ORP (tentative; single race, double points)

Oct 17 CSCC PIR Enduro
Hey Curtis, I got your email.

I am now going blind looking through the files. I have found 7 that I can use so far.
I will let you know which ones later.

You're a doll. And yes, I've got you covered in quarters. (beats fig leaves)


The Pros From Dover
Worker pictures

Hey Lynn, have you heard from Ron Coelho yet? He had a bunch of worker pictures that he shared at the banquet. I'm sure he would be willing. The phone number on the back of one of the pictures he gave Adam is 360-887-3807.