Monte Shelton

Above is a link to an article about Monte Shelton that is scheduled for Racer magazine.
Having worked for him and his son (Neil) since 1974, at both his British Car dealership in Portland, OR. and on their classic cars and race cars, I can tell you he is and will be greatly missed.
At 85 year old, he was the definition of a gentleman racer known by everybody racing in the Pacific NorthWest. He told me he actually turned down an offer to drive for one of the current pro road race team owners so he could continue to race as he did.
He ran Can-Am, F5000 and Trans-AM plus Oregon and Washington SCCA national and regional races.
He raced for 60 consecutive years without ever needing an SCCA license waiver.
He last raced in March of this year, a double regional (he won his class), and after Saturday's race told us to take the car home, he was done racing. It was painful to watch / help him get in and out of his car (in the car he was comfortable).
Two weeks later he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of pancreatic cancer and passed away on Father's day.
He told us had done everything he had ever wanted to do in his life, had no regrets and was ready to go.
A class act to the end.
We need more of these guys!

RIP Monte!


Gear Jammer/IBEW Retired
Monte lived an awesome life. He was a racer's racer, for sure.

Here is a picture I shot of an IMSA entry Monte was co-driving, in 1986 I believe at the Camel GT meet. The car is just entering turn 2 on the West end of the course at Portland.

IMSA GTO Porsche by Racer, on Flickr

I probably have more, there are boxes of slides and envelopes with prints and negatives by the thousands in my archives form the film days and I and just now going through and copying them with a digital camera. If I find more I'll share them here.