Mazda Rotary Reunion Race - June 15/16th at the Chicane Challenge


Bradshaw Motorsports
I’ve recently been organizing a new event. I’m pleased to announce the first annual Mazda Rotary Reunion race during the Cascade Chicane Challenge on June 15-16th at PIR. Open to anyone with a rotary powered closed wheel race car! Featuring a GT class, a production class, and a vintage class. We’re excited to make this a really special event for Mazda enthusiasts to appreciate and honor the Rotary engine, and all of its racing heritage. The goal is to enjoy sharing the track with one another as well as bringing together a collection of local street cars for a corral. We have generated a lot of West Coast interest and want to continue to spread the word so everyone with a rotary can join in on the fun, so please tell your friends. We are anticipating a field of around 20 cars!

Some event info:

-Registration just opened on motorsports reg. Entry fee will be $375 for a double race weekend.

The schedule format will be as follows:

Morning Qualifying - Afternoon Race #1 (25min race)
Morning Qualifying - Afternoon Race #2 (25min race)

There will be three classes:
R1 - GT1, GT2, GT3, SPO, SPM, SPU
R2 - Production Classes , ITS, GTL
R3 - Vintage Class, ITA, T4, PRO7

Additional info:
-Event photos will be captured, featuring on track action and paddock shots courtesy of Flying Bye Photo
-We are working on possibly making some event T-shirts, creating a website, and putting together a potential Saturday night social dinner for participants.
-We are working to bring a large car corral out of local street cars from a local club called "Rotary Club Northwest"
-We'd also like to take a large group photo of all of the participants and cars if possible.

If you are interested in joining our current email thread to stay up to date with new information please message or email me at:

Thanks for your interest in the event!

-Austin Bradshaw
EP Mazda RX2
EP Mazda RX7

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