License payment option on MSR out of date.


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The license form says "License fees can only be paid through" However, I cannot find that on MSR. The one I did find ended on Dec 31 2020.

When should license applicants expect a new listing on MSR so we can make payment toward our 2021 license?

Thank you in advance.


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Several things that determine affect the forms, fees, and licensing in general are still to be determined at upcoming virtual meetings. If all goes well expect that we will move forward in the next couple weeks.

As always, new information will be posted on the website as well as circulated via email blast as soon as it is available.


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Is that the reason all the forms on the form page seem to be empty also? When will medical forms be available? Are medicals still required for licensing? Medical needed for both racing license and enduro license? Or only for racing license?


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Correct, forms are not up because they may change this year. All TBD very soon. Would expect to be able to answer most if not all of your questions in a week. Forms to follow soon afterwards depending on how many changes are made. Thanks for your patience.


Unfortunately my eye doctor and family doctor appointments are this week. I was lucky enough to download the 2020 form before it was taken down. I will have my doctors fill that form out and correct as needed if not acceptable.


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The 2021 Physical Exam Form is now available. You'll need this if you're seeking an IRR license or plan to upgrade to an IRR license. This is assuming you're due for a physical per the physical schedule. You can find the Physical Exam Form and the physical schedule HERE

New for 2021 is an optional "Area" license that does not require a physical (although they are always recommended). The "Area" license isn't recognized by most other racing organizations but it'll allow you to compete in ICSCC races just like an IRR license. Still working on updating the License Application to reflect the changes and making it more user friendly. Would expect the License Application and the MSR link to pay to be up in a week, maybe two.


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No the "Area" isn't an intermediate license like it used to be. You can move straight from Novice to an IRR license. It'll probably take some relearning but really the only difference between Area and IRR is that the IRR requires a physical so it can be accepted by organizations that require them. Just trying to give options to racers so they can choose what works best for them.