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We just got home after a somewhat long trip from Spokane.
It was another super weekend by NWMS.

My hat goes off to Doug Smith and Ken Groves for brining out sooooo many new workers. I haven't worked Spokane and seen that many people per turn in 6 years. They did a fabulous job. Thank you so much.

As for the drivers........we will have to start calling Spokane "WHAT A RUSH RACING!!!!"

We had some door banging and only 1 really serious incident, but fortunately that driver came out of it pretty much unscathed. Hope he's back racing soon.
Great job and congrats to all the drivers.

The improvements that have been made to the track, in my opinion, made for a much safer race, with better visibility of the cars on the track, visibility for turn station to turn station, and a WHOLE LOT LESS GRASS TO CATCH FIRE.
The new turn stations are awesome.

Thomas and I are already discussing next year's race.
Thank you NWMS and Doug, Ken and all the locals that made us feel so welcome.

Lynn Rimmer
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Let's go racing
Depending on which thermometer you looked at on Fri/Sat it was between 92-96 degrees. Even hotter if you are sitting in your car with a three layer suit on.
Cooler on Sunday by maybe 10 degrees.


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I ended up being way too busy with family stuff to swing out there, it turns out the track is actually almost an hour from their place in Couer D'Alene, I had no idea.

The upside is that the wife agreed to make a special trip out there the next time there's a conference race, I've been wanting to go forever.

Greg Miller

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What a rush to be able to watch from the 2nd best seat in the house!

Having blown my immediate race budget on a chance to go to the Edmonton Grand Prix I worked some turns this weekend. Awesome racing! Because of the small count Groups 3 & 6 volunteered to combine for the races. They each had separate qual sessions but joined for the races. Dick Boggs may have to have his smile surgically removed after winning overall both races in his dayglo sports racer!
Group 1 (and 4) saw Scott Morton walk away from the competition - another smile removal candidate. In group 2 Sunday 2 Miatas were so close for so many laps someone asked if it constituted common law marriage. They ended with a T10 to S/F run side by side for a photo finish. Then there was the pair of red CRX's that swapped position so many times for the lead in Grp5 that every turn station had bets going. The BMW challenge race had an old master in an E30 pitted against new blood in an E36. 2 laps to go after having pressure (sometimes of the love tap variety) on the whole time the leading E36 dropped off the outside of T6 allowing the E30 to take the lead and the win.
There were so many other great contests that I can't recall them all.
The Spokane organization team was great as always. Good food for lunch and dinner, even a live band on Sat. Radio Dave had enough radios for 2 per station - allowing some radio protocol training and observation.
Next race Seattle - remember if you can't drive, there's plenty of space in the second best seat - wear white and have a blast for a lot less money.


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It was great to see a real 'crowd' in each of the turn stations!

NWMS sure knows how to put on a great event; the Saturday dinner with band and beer was a great way to kick back with fellow racers and workers too, after a long, hot day of racing. You guys do it right!

Thanks to all the workers standing in the stations...all day...very hot...very dusty...my helmet is off to you all! From my vantage point, I think most of us racer-types put on a pretty good show on-track as well.

What a great weekend!


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How'd your weekend go, Mike?

I had a great weekend at Spokane as well. Great track, great people!

The real question is, how did your weekend go, Mr. Olsen? :)


Karen Stimson

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Thanks to all that worked to put on the Spokane races. We had a great weekend.

There was some really good racing going on. The two CRXs (Rick and Colin) put on an awesome show. Don't know about the other groups, as running two groups for the first time kept us hopping... especially as the ignition coils started failing. First time my car's been on fire--hope it's the last.
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Scott Norton

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Hot Weather & Roller Coaster Track = Disneyland!

Great Weekend!
What a track! E-ticket ride for sure loved it.
Thanks to NWMS and all the volunteers you guys know your stuff.
Thanks to our ICSCC Officals, top notch as always.

I am sure Jeff Van Lierop does not read this board but what a great race! There is a reason your a Pro3 champion. Lesson learned, that won't happen again. Pleasure to have been able to race for the win like that. Next time I will save my car for the end. ;) Our car was 3 seconds a lap faster with the 125lbs pulled out.:cool:

Dave Beagle thanks for the advice and friendly discussion after the race on Sunday. I will continue to improve as a driver each race. Too much enthusiasum :eek:

Oh, to everyone in Group 1 get used to us :eek: we are pulling the ballast and running SPM from now on. We will run two more RS races to qualify for the season points championship.

We completed our upgrade to Senor License this weekend.
What a fantastic novice program, just another reason ICSCC is so successful.

See you all at Pacific, hopefully slightly cooler.:p
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"The Okie"
I had a blast. First time on that track. I took old tires to wear them out and did!! Should have kept the new ones on as I did more off roading than I ever have before. But even with that I kept knocking time off my laps. Except for the run between 8 and 9 (too much spread between gear rations) that track is made for the Datsun!

Next year new tires, no gravel racing and maybe different rear dif ratio.

I also have to say the Saturday evening entertainment was great and that is some of the best pizza I have ever had. My OU hat goes off to all you volunteers, NWMS, and Spokane County!! Like Schwartzenegger said "I'll be back".


Great SCOTT!
That was the best weekend of racing I've had since I started. I was in the #313 Red CRX.

Unlike last year the wind wasn't really a problem except for whomever lost their tent in the mini tornado that swept through the paddock. The mechanical problems were minimal and the racing was great. I owe a great deal of thanx to a couple Pro3 drivers. In the Saturday Grp5 race, whomever was in the Tru-Green Lawncare BMW let me have the overall lead on the last lap and on the Sunday race the BMW that was in the lead cooked his tires going into T4 allowing me to take the overall lead again.

I did something an ITA car rarely gets to do in Group 5: 1st in class and 1st overall and got it do it twice! Oh yea, almost forgot the other thing that was fun... I beat Rick D. for the first time!


Thank you ICSCC, Volunteers, corner workers and officials. It was great!

Greg Miller

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That was the best weekend of racing I've had since I started. I was in the #313 Red CRX.
Oh yea, almost forgot the other thing that was fun... I beat Rick D. for the first time!
Thank you ICSCC, Volunteers, corner workers and officials. It was great!

We were rooting for you Colin, great to see so much position swapping and even better when new blood takes on and wins against a seasoned driver.


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Congrats to all the winners in Spokane and especially to Mike O and Colin. I know how much it means to both of you and how hard you have worked for this!!

See you guys in a few weeks at PR!


Jim Venable
I to would like to add what a wonderful time we had. Our first time there as well as Tim being able to run two novice races so he could move up on Sunday. Fun time for Morgan Smith and myself watching his young son Gavin and mine pushing and learning from one another Friday and Saturday.

As for the program, food and activities, top notch and a big thank you to all that made it possible including the most interesting pace car I have ever seen.

I would be remiss not to extend a very special thank you to the following. Mac Russell for graciously on his own making room Saturday morning for our truck and trailer so we could park next to other Miata teams along with the encouragement he offered Tim despite not being able to get his car running. To Frank Micheli, Chris Heinrich, Dave Dunning, Jeff Clark and Mike Tripp for the driving tips and mechanical insight to try to solve our starting problem. Mike, your battery jumper certainly saved alot of pushing. Do hope you figure out your gremlin soon. Note: I have since learned Miata batteries must be trickled charged or it dies. My bad. Watching Dave, Chris and Mike do a complete engine swap for Dave's car and then see it run well was not only interesting but inspiring. Well done guys.

It should also be noted while the band playing during the Pizza feed was entertaining it palled to the verbal give and take between Chris and Kristine so thanks for the show. :)

The bottom line is would we go again. Definitely.


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Jim, can we expect to see you and Tim at Pacific in August? Should be fun.

As the founder/owner/crew chief/driver of TEAM DFL, I look forward to the event. :)

P.S. Jim, what's your email address?


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Acronym Definition
DFL Deutsche Fussball Liga (German Soccer League)
DFL Down for Life
DFL Dictator for Life
DFL Down From London
DFL Deep Fried Live (cartoon)
DFL Disease Free Layings (silk)
DFL Dead Freakin' Last (polite form)
DFL Dying From Laughter

It's probably one of the above (or maybe more!) :D