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So I must be half blind and totally ignorant but I distinctly remember not seeing the Legends out as we have in the past. Anyone have the rest of the story? Those guys were a great bunch of folks to have out there and real fun to watch them race.
The occasion cluster, or cubby of them have been out. ORP for sure, and I think we saw a few at PR. Always fun to watch those guys goin' at it.


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Kyle, you are right.
A few of the many reasons include;
1. Our races are much more expensive than the ovals they are used to.
2. Some of our tracks (Spokane, Pacific Raceways, Portland w.o. chicane)
have long straights that are not conducive to long engine life (as normally set up).
3. They were never quite able to get the critical mass of large numbers
that would make it more enjoyable for them.
It is too bad. Yes, they are great guys.