IRDC test n tune April 13th


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It looks like we have a good group of drivers attending the upcoming IRDC test n tune on 4/13. With that in mind I'm going to offer annual tech inspections. I will just roam throughout the morning sessions and ask drivers to have their annual inspection performed. Bring all of your safety equipment, log books and a blank annual tech form. If you are building a brand new car like say a Scion FRS then I will inspection the cage and stamp it if satisfactory. If you are nearby and just want to bring your car to the track without attending the test n tune I can take care of that also. Just leave it on or in the trailer. This service will allow you to use the express tech for the rest of the year.
Hope to see you there and don't forget that annual tech form found on the Conference website under forms.



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That's awesome, thanks for doing that.

I was just racing at the SCCA double regional in Portland this last weekend, and received an SCCA annual tech. What all do I need to turn that into a ICSCC annual?


Let's go racing
First thing I always find out if you hold an SCCA and a Conference license as well as separate logbooks. If you do have both I prefer to put our ICSCC annual sticker onto your ICSCC logbook. If not I will place it into your SCCA logbook. I also go over the car and fill out a ICSCC annual tech sheet just to have the paperwork that it has an annual inspection by ICSCC. After inspection of your safety gear I will provide you a helmet sticker if it is 2010 or newer to be placed on the left hand side of the helmet for viewing by pre-grid personnel. Then a gear tech sticker is provided for sticking onto your license. Again if you have an ICSCC license it will go there if not then onto your SCCA license. It is a pretty quick process. After that you will be able to use our express tech at registration and get your weekend tech sticker right there.
I hope to see you at our upcoming events.


Great SCOTT!
Thank you Stewards for the logbook, cage stamp and annual tech. The weather yesterday was awful, but the spirits were high. I appreciate the attention the FRS got and I hope others will consider A)running CT4 and B) consider building their FRS. I hope the 86Cup thing takes off too in our HPDE sessions. Not accounting for the cost of the car - the complete build (for T4 rules) can be done, with wheels and tires and the "nice bits", for ~$15k. You can spend more or less but won't necessarily be slower/faster. The other benefit is that you're racing a modern car that's expected to be "pro3 fast" for with a low operational cost.