Indy Weekend Roll Call


something witty
Who's going? Do you have reserved seats?

I'll be out in the RV section. Spot 133. End of the front straight, south side of turn 4. Stop by, say hi, and have a beer with us if you are out at the track this weekend.


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I have a reserved seat working turn 3 - end of the armco driver's right. They man more turn stations for pro races than we amateurs use. Will stop by end of day if energy level allows. Hope to see you there!

Steve Adams

Just this guy, ya know?
Eric Krause and I will be there, top row, western end of the grandstands inside the chicane. Bob, we'll wave at ya!


Bradshaw Motorsports
I'll be there with my father and family! I was lucky enough to get media credentials so you will see me roaming inside the fences for the next three days! I attended the press conference on Wednesday and it sounds like ticket sales have exceeded projections and expectations. Should be a fantastic weekend!