Inaugural Gary Bockman Memorial race win flags - REQUESTED

I am formally asking CSCC & ICSCC for the printing of Inaugural Gary Bockman Memorialized race win flags that were NOT given to ANY racers with wins this last weekend. It is not a huge request, it should be facilitated and it is just one simple way that we can remember and honor Gary.
I would like to get a response here please. If not, please explain why this cannot happen and done by mail?


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We did not get flags ordered for the race because we were not sure if it would be happening. However, the Race Chairman and Board have already talked about what we would do for trophies and flags. Since we originally planned for our first race to be in Gary's honor we had not planned until later on the June race carrying his name. Not enough time for us to order anything special, we just worked to get the race itself going. Yes, we plan something to make it special and will inform all winners when we get it figured out. We would like to thank all the people for their support this last weekend and we are working to do our best by all of you. It was special just to be back to racing.

Vince Vavrosky

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Wayne This is definitely going to happen. Like Linda said, we just did not have the time to get them printed as we were only given 4 days notice that we could even hold the event. Thank you for even being there. We hope to be able to have them available at the next race in Washington or Portland for collection.
May we please get a verification that the Gary Bockman Memorial win flags are/will be available for pick-up during DASH weekend?
Thank you!


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The special flags we have for the winners at Portland are now available. I hope to see you at the August Dash For Kids race where you may claim this award. Come to either Timing and Scoring or drivers services to get the flag, Friday through Sunday. Hope to see you there. I just got the flags Thursday. Linda Blackburn