Important information regarding "Tribute to the Volunteers" at Pacific Raceways, May 15-16


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May 15-16 is our Tribute to the Volunteers race at Pacific Raceways. Here are a few important updates for everyone to know about.

  • As always in May, we are short workers, with the Canadian boarder still being closed this is much worse. If you know of anyone willing to help let me know. If we do not have enough workers, we will be forced to call the event.
  • We are in phase 3 of the COVID-19 restrictions. We are still required to wear a mask and social distance. Group gatherings have been relaxed so one grandstand will be open.
  • Volunteers/Drivers can camp on the property. I will have the gate manned on Thursday night.
  • We will have a Drivers Meeting and we will have the BBQ (everyone is invited).
  • Volunteers/Drivers make sure and pre-register 2021 Tribute to the Volunteers there will be limited registration help on-site
  • Drivers do not forget your ICSCC License and Drivers License, we will check at the gate.
  • Make sure and sign the insurance waver, this is for YOUR protection, without it you are not covered by our insurance.
  • There will be no tire service at the tack for this event.
  • Since this is a Tribute to the Volunteers, I will be holding a CASH raffle. If you wish to contribute, just find me, and pass me $100. I will do 2 raffles, one on Saturday night and one on Sunday morning. I am handing out cash in $100 increments and it will all be donated by anyone interested in contributing. I am in for $200, how about you?
  • There will be Drag Racing on Saturday night, so I have updated the schedule to accommodate.