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I purchased the car in 2015 as a 1972 Elden. All documentation at the time indicated it was a 1972 but
later research indicates it is a 1973. Has SCCA log books back to 1979.

After numerous delays due to various reasons I had the car at the point I wanted then… due to either
driver error or mechanical failure hit a curb during an autocross and bent the front left frame fairly
I believe the frame is repairable, but I’m done with this car.

In addition to the frame repairs the floor will have to be replaced, the radiator will need work or be
replaced and the left front lower arm is bent (new ones available from the UK). It is possible other work may be required.

New Kent engine 2018 built by Alan McColl MCE motors
2 sets of wheels, 3 sets of tires.
Mk8 Hewland with 16 sets of gears.
Lots of other new parts since 2015. See attached pdf for details.

$10,000 Cdn firm. At this price no shipping is included. This is $3000-$5000 less than I might get parting the car out. I would estimate the value of a race ready car at $20,000 Cdn.

If there is no interest in the next couple of weeks I’ll start parting the car out.

Jim Bradley



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