Formula 1 coming back to the US

Richard Broadhead

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In the realm of "jaw droppers" this ranks right up there at the top of the list for me....

My response:

WOW! Gotta agree with that. I knew Austin was right up there in terms of growth and its cultural "IN" lately. But I'd never think of it as a major motor sports enthusiast 'hang out'. Matter of fact, I'd have thought the opposite.

Looks like they've got 2 years to build a Bernie Ecclestone style GP track in the Austin area.

It will be interesting to watch this develop. ALthough Austin may be a 'good' city for it, it isn't exactly at the hub or center of the population in the USA. Means most 'fans' will have to do serious travel to get there. Not like driving from Cincinnati, Chicago, New York or St. Louis to Indy for the race.

Full Throttle Productions has NOTHING to do with your gas pedal or racing. It's a music and entertainment company.
Agreed, Wes, if it happens at all. Full Throttle Productions is a relatively small promoter without the hundreds of millions of dollars needed to build a F1 track. It almost seems to me that Bernie is setting this up to fail so he could say that he tried to bring back a race to the United States. Honestly, we have several great tracks in this country that could host this event, but F1 keeps making mistakes like Phoenix and Las Vegas. Those were enbarrassing days for sure.
I'll believe THIS one when I see it. More likely announcement "Ecclestone certified insane, F1 in disarray... still."