[For Sale] FOR SALE - 2002 BMW M3 widebody PRICE CHANGE

Hello Racers,

My BMW M3 is now for sale. The motor is a S54 that has been bored and stroked to 3.5 liters, and it has less than 10 hours on it since a complete refresh last spring. The Drenth sequential transmission is a six speed, with no-lift shift and auto blipping for downshifts. The AIM dash has data logging. The ABS works great. Hardwired transponder with no subscription needed! The 18x12" wheels have 335 width tires (two complete sets) and the 18x10" wheels have Hoosiers rains (one set). This car competes in Conference classes SPM, ITE and SST. It is quite a lot of fun to drive!

According to the cornering balance scale, the car weighs 2,650 lbs.

I am asking $50k, including all wheels.


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I am lowering the asking price to $50k. There are two sets of nearly new Hoosier A7’s and one set of nearly new Hoosier rains included.