First laps at The Ridge Motorsports Park today

Randy Blaylock

Highlander Motorsports
There was a gathering of close friends and family today at The Ridge Motorsports Park to take some cars out on the finished road course. It's done, and frankly, it's fantastic.

I drove Joe's 505hp Z06, top speed on the front stretch is 150 +/- in this car on street tires, turned a 1:55 lap time which should be a decent time.



Great SCOTT!
I..... Can't.... Wait!

I like the "infineon-esque" turns 1-2 and the corkscrew like section at the end. The progress on this is simply astonishing. Great job guys.
You guys have done an amazing thing. It is great to see how things can happen when you put your mind to it. The track looks outstanding. Can't wait!

Steve Adams

Just this guy, ya know?
This is not a track anybody is going to get bored driving anytime soon. Reminds me, in a way, of Spa in Belgium: You really get a sense that you've found a cool road through the woods somewhere. This track is going to be SO much fun!

(One downside: Now I'm going to have to buy one of those "Good2Go" thingies, since I'll be traveling the Narrows Bridge on the way to the track every chance I get.)


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So how many turn stations will there be guys? It won't be a problem getting workers, but we're gonna need a ton of them!


Bonnie Healy
"Easy route is I-5 to Olympia then US 101."

Randy/Rod, do you have a street address for the track, or a business close to it?

I'd like to do a Google map/directions search from my place to the track, which needs an end destination.

Randy Blaylock

Highlander Motorsports
The Ridge Motorsports Park is at the northwest corner of the intersection of W. Eells Hill Road and W. Dayton Airport Road.

There is no street address yet, but there is a junkyard just across the street with an address of 1501 West Dayton Airport Road, Shelton, WA.

Using type that address into the search box, and you'll be within a 1/2 mile. The RMP entrance will be approximately 1/2 mile down W. Eells Hill Rd.
That's a good looking lap, Randy. I do believe you just nipped the track record from Rod and Old Red! I am excited about this new track. Job well done to everyone at the Ridge.

Safety 3/Radio Dave

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Rod What are the chances of posting your videos on your web site or another location? Myself and I know there are others that do not like going to youtube, facebook, twetter, etc. Every time I have gone there I have had computer problems, so I have not watched at any of the videos.

I did go to a friends place and watched this video. Looks awsome, cannot wait to get over there.

To help on directions: NB-SB I-5 to exit 104 (hy 101 to Shelton). Go past the main Shelton exit to the Airport. Just past the main entrance to the airport you will see a sign that says Wash. State Patrol ACD. Turn left there and go just under 2 miles to W. Ellis rd. Turn right go 1/4 mile and you are there.

People coming from Bremerton, come south on Hy3 thru Shelton to Hy101, turn right and follow to just north of the Airport.

This going to be a blast to work and enjoy.

Great work to Rod, Randy, Jeff and the rest of the team.
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Bonnie Healy
Thanks Randy - 342 km - about 3 hours 43 mins (from my home in Surrey).

Can't do a "Saturday morning drive" like we do for Seattle (leaving home at 4:30 a.m.), so it'll be a two-nighter ... where's the nearest hotel? (This is probably all on the website, but I'm not there, I'm here, so thought I'd ask!)


The Pros From Dover
Adam and I are getting spoiled. Four road courses within a three hour drive of home (ORP, PIR, PR and the Ridge).

Looking forward to stopping by for a look on the way north to the ICSCC banquet.