Final Points


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Draft final points are up. Please have a look and let me know if you spot any errors. Last year a class champion nearly went without a jacket because of an error in the final race results, duly reflected in the points. So get scanning.

Also, you'll notice the rightmost column of the points standings is the "Attended All Races" column. The software used to keep track of points notices if any driver has points for every race in any class, but it doesn't notice if a driver attends every race but does so across 2 or more classes. This particularly affects drivers who started the season as Novices. So if you or somebody you know deserves a "Yes" in that column, speak up here, or shoot me an email at

Bob Mearns (pointskeeper)
Mike Tripp (points proofreader)

Steve Adams

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As in, We don't have the official results from the final points race yet.

(We don't, right? Nobody's sent those to me for posting to the site?)
well, looks like your cow gives beer at least...

mooOOOOO <belch> (eek, global warming.)

I can't believe I qualified for championship points in e. It's pathetic, this season, for me...