[For Sale] Feeler - GT1/SPO Stockcar


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I've owned the car since late September 2014. Prior to me, the car was used for an arrive and drive series.

Since I've owned the car, it has been through a full rebuild/clean up/upgrade. Car was involved in an impromptu meeting with a tire bundle this spring. All mechanical repairs completed (rebuilt steering rack). Body work is re-hung, just needs paint or wrap.

Chassis - Howe style perimeter chassis, setup for passenger seat (so you can take all your fans for rides!!)
Body - Fivestar ASA '99 Monte Carlo
- Blue body, wrapped in white April 2018
- has had different badging decals over the years - at one point Toyota Camry, recently Mercedes SL65 AMG
Engine - 350 .060"over, 377 whp/392 wtq (ran on chassis dyno at Rose Cups this July)
- 10.3:1 compression ratio, forged steel crank, Forged H-beam rods, Forged Mahle pistons, 4 bolt angled drilled main caps, coated bearings
- Canfield 215CC, 65cc combustion chamber aluminum heads
- Comp roller cam - 280AR grind with 1.55 roller rockers
- Engine built for longevity over power
Drivetrain - Quartermaster 7.25" triple disc clutch, Tex T101A dog ring nascar style box, and Richmond quick change rear end
Brakes - Wilwood Forged superlites

Car comes with lots of spares
- Spare engine (ZZ4 crate engine)
- Several spare body pieces (rear bumper cover, hood, doors) - Plus contact information of where to buy all the moulds if you want to make more panels yourself
- 3 total sets of wheels
- Shocks, springs, a-arms
- MSD box

Since I've owned this car I have kept comprehensive spreadsheet with records/notes on repairs, upgrades, part numbers, dimensions, setup info, etc.

$10k OBO.

Come join the ground pounders and go fast!!!

2015-8-CSCC-G4R-318-(ZF-6224-86121-1-001).jpg2017 July IRDC 1.jpg2018-June-CSCC-Sun-G1R-1198-(ZF-6532-39308-1-002).jpg2018-RC_PWC_-10842-(ZF-5081-65285-1-003).jpg20141011_161150.jpg
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