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Well, just watched the telecast of the Hungarian GP from the Hungaroring. Was a so-so race with Lotus drivers Kimi Raikkonen taking 2nd, Romain Grosjean 3rd and Lewis Hamilton winning. First good finish Lotus has had all year.

It was sorta a Ho-hum race compared to the past races this season with only Schumacher retiring before the end of the race. But he did cause a to do if you didn't see the event. Seems on the warm up lap he parked in the WRONG grid slot!!! They had to red/yellow the start and the field went around again to the grid while HE was pushed off to the pit lane to start at the back of the field... LOL

What really got me about this event was post race... You know at the last race F1 started a new post race interview method. A "person of note" interviews the drivers right on the podium after the trophy's. Well last race, they were interviewed by Sir Jackie himself! That was pretty cool! So I was looking forward to seeing who did it today.

Ummmm UUUUuuah... PLACIDO DOMINGO??????? Okay okay he's a celebrity (sorta) but what the hell does he have to do with auto racing let alone F1????? Hamilton eventually took the microphone away from him and asked Placido if it was okay for him to talk... LOL At that point I turned the program off.

I'm guessing Bruce Willis or Joan Baez might do the interviews at the US GP this fall.
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I'd vote for Martin Short to MC at Austin myself Rich! That track is so boring with no passing zones that it should have been removed from the schedule years ago. It's kinda like running an F1 race at Mission; no offense meant to my Canadian friends! I assume it somehow makes money or Bernie would not keep it year after year, but it is definitely a wasted week-end in my opinion.