Enduro Seat?


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I'd like to have a seat in the enduro. Anyone got room to spare? I'm really funny, a joy to be around, and you'll get your car back for sure. I'm big boned, so my ideal ride has a larger drivin' seat in it.

Contact mike at screwylizardracing.com if you know of any openeings!


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OMG: WHo is the lucky team? We know now who will win the thing so anyone else will do the race just for fun, not the numerous money endorsements and payouts that will come from it!!!

Congrats to Mikes new team!!

Still wish I could be there.


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I was thinking this would be a tough deal to put together there, B. ekiM; given all the requirements and qualifications necessary to be an RS driver, well, I figured you would hold your enduro team to the same standard. Which of course is why I didn't bother to offer up a seat. I mean, after all, how could a loley PRO3 driver such as me begin to measure up to the likes of an RS driver?


Sorry...couldn't pull off a straight face on that one...