EFILive FlashScan V1 for sale - $300


Santa came a little early, and I upgraded my EFILive package to V2. I have available, their V1 FlashScan "cable", which allows scanning and tuning of Gen III LS1 PCM's ('97-'07), as well as LB7/LLY Duramax PCM's. The EFILive Tune and Scan software is very mature/developed, allowing one to tune virtually any aspect of the PCM calibration (Fuel, spark, rev-limits, gear ratio, volumetric efficiency, injector characteristics, etc.). This package turns the GM OEM Delphi PCM into a fully open, tunable system, with features missing from some of the aftermarket household names. For example, LS1 PCM's have a "stall-saver" feature, that mitigates stalling from idle under-runs, typically caused by big cams and light flywheels. You can find out all the details at http://www.efilive.com

This V1 interface comes with one unused PCM license, which will allow you to program a single PCM (scanning does not require a license). It also has a black-box logging feature, which allows standalone data-logging of both standard OBDII and GM enhanced PIDs (e.g. throttle position, ECT, RPM, total timing, knock retard, etc.). It can store up to 25-minutes of data, which can then be uploaded to your laptop when you're back in the paddock.

This system has worked flawlessly for me, and helped to quickly find both small and large engine management issues, as well as optimize for power/performance.