[Sold] Diasio D962 #4


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Headed to Colorado!

Diasio D962 #4 for sale
If interested, email fjellanger@gmail.com or call 206-321-6886.

Built in February 2000. Kept quite stock & very reliable.
Solid and strong, and is enclosed, & has seat for passenger for track days or Victory Laps.
Some spares, including gear sets, 12 extra wheels (set of rains/trailer tires, 4 with old tires & 4 other rims +)
There is an extra Yamaha YZF1000R engine in a wood box, condition unknown.
Runs in ICSCC as FSR.
At Pacific Raceways in May 2019, did a 1:37.5 (with 71 year old driver)

Price $16,000

Powered by a 150 hp liquid cooled Yamaha 1000cc YFZ1000 engine.
5-speed sequential shifter.
Powder coated tube frame chassis with fully integral roll cage.Coil-over springs and shocks.
Wilwood 4 piston calipers with 10 3/4" rotors all four corners
Unequal length double wishbone front suspension with fully adjustable castor, camber, toe & ride height.
Adjustable front and rear anti-sway bars.
Winter's quick change rear-end.
4-bar and Watt's link rear suspension.
Dual master cylinder brake pedal assembly with cockpit-adjustable bias control.
Adjustable aluminum rear wing.
ATL 5 gallon fuel cell in aluminum container.
New Adjustable aluminum driver's seat.
Passenger seat- optional seat and harness.
2 nozzle 5.5 lb Halon fire suppression system.
5 point 3" Sparco racing harness.
Bolt-on front and rear ends of chassis allow for easy repair and quick replacement.
Front brake cooling ducts.
Dual doors.
2 external mirrors.
New Sealed racing battery with inside and outside controlled master switch.
1/4" Lexan anti-scratch coated windshield.
Windshield wiper assembly in a spares box
Completely set-up, bump steered, and ready to run on the race track!

Links to Pictures:
https://dougberger.zenfolio.com/p716479187 (2 Diasios, ORP)
https://dougberger.zenfolio.com/p716479187 (Victory lap, front 2012)
https://dougberger.zenfolio.com/p716479187 (Victory lap, side)
https://dougberger.zenfolio.com/p263095235 (Diasio with 2 FV, May 2019)

https://gerryfrechette.zenfolio.com/p126899379 (Diasio & FV, Spokane)
https://gerryfrechette.zenfolio.com/p126899379 (Diasio & AMAC, Spokane)
https://gerryfrechette.zenfolio.com/p661412253 (2 Diasios)
https://gerryfrechette.zenfolio.com/p661412253 (Diasio & FV Mission)
https://gerryfrechette.zenfolio.com/p661412253 (Diasio & FC)
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