Dash for Kids and the eclipse


So, it occurred to me today that the Dash for Kids happens the day before the solar eclipse. Living in Albany and working in Salem I am aware that Salem is expecting 1.5 million people to descend upon the city and ODOT is warning about total gridlock on local city streets and highways. Does anyone know if extended camping will be allowed at PIR through say Tuesday? Hopefully after Monday morning many folks will head home and by Tuesday the freeways might be moving at a crawl but maybe a better bet to try to get south on I-5 instead of Sunday afternoon or Monday(?).

Thanks for any info you may have.
Pro Drive has the track Aug. 21 - 24. Staying over would be up to E.C., the track manager. I would suggest contacting him about staying over. He is pretty reasonable if you approach him in advance.
I know that PIR will allow staying over on Sunday night. If you are parked in the north paddock, (where we normally are for our event), you will have to move over to the south side of the track and park in the grassy fields before the pavement in the south paddock. this is the area where they usually have the Beaches car show on Wednesday.
There will be no charge for staying over on Sunday. You would have to check with PIR to see about staying over on Monday.
Hope this helps.

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Sorry I didn't see this earlier. But just found out about staying over last week.