Danica who?

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Quebec native Maryeve Dufault plans on becoming the first Canadian woman to make a Nationwide Series race when she straps on her helmet at her hometown track in this weekend's NAPA Auto Parts 200 at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.



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She sure is a hottie, and she sure did screw up in Montreal. I'm sure however she isn't all that familiar with road courses, so I'm sure we can forgive her little fax paus.

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Anybody notice how poor the flagging was for that incident. A full 10 count before any flag, and then a lazy hang job.
Yeah, that was just so many wrongs, it couldn't go right. Split's to small for a safe haven, track's to narrow right there to turn one of those beasties around... and traffic. Did she stall, or just stop to think?

I suppose the flaggers must be imported, or waiting for specific orders (in french?) from 'Control' before they put out any flags? It looks like they started with a waving blue, then standing yellow then waving. Watch the communicator(I think). He's pacing around like a trapped cat. Something smelly in Montreal, methinks.
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Do these things have reverse? I guess she panicked the first time and just wanted to get to the grass, probably never done a donut in one of these before and wasn't about to try it out on the exit of a blind corner. But then the second crossing across the track was... Incredible, to say the least.. :( Sucks, I wanted to see more of her!
I don't think your 'blue flag' big enough to make Danica move over.

First sign of 'in the way', and Maryeve will find out what 'pit manuever' really means.


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If I understand correctly, a blue flag in their rules would equate to our waiving yellow meaning problem ahead of you in this particular corner, becaue yellow in Nascar parlance always means full course caution equating to our double yellows. That is what I gleaned from the discussion watching it anyway.
I used the blue flag in the road racing sense.

A waving blue in NASCAR is used as a local caution flag (our yellow), where they will go waving yellows for the full course, "Put it out!" call.