Congrats to Ryan Heironymus


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Congrats to Ryan Heironymus on an absolutely fantastic drive on Sunday in the Group 1 race. Ryan upgraded this weekend from Novice to Area. He won Pro-3 in his upgrade race! How cool is that?

Scott Hieronymus

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It was just the coolest thing I've ever seen!

You left out the part in G5 where he drove a PRO3 car around PIR faster than anyone ever has before.

Those who know him realize that sometimes nice guys really do finish first. Not that I'm proud of him or anything.



Thanks guys! :) That race was the most fun I've ever had! It still hasn't really sunk in yet but I'm already looking forward to Spokane. I'll post video shortly.


Jim Venable

Although we were there racing we were too busy chasing gremlins to watch much. Told Tim about it. His response to me which I consider an ultimate compliment was....."He's a freak. I told you he'd be fast. Nice guy too."

So with that said, always remember two things.
1. Never forget you're humble beginnings.
2. When you feel you're going to fall over from your head getting too big, be sure to pray......
Lord puff me down.

Well done young man.
Jim Venable
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That is not easily done, winning in PRO3, let alone doing it in your Novice upgrade race! well done, Sir!