Checking for interest, Groundpounder!

Rod Powell

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After a trying winter losing our home to a fire, I cannot commit to the season any more this year.

I am interested in selling the Yellow/Black #94 ASA Stock car. I have two engine packages to choose from (or both) two shock setups, (or both), but very few spares since they were lost in the fire.

Base car with the freshened LS1 will be for sale for 16,500. Engine upgrade will add a whole lot more, shocks another whole lot more. The whole lot more price will be around 23,500.

Just sending out feelers for now. BTW, I will consider financing to the right party. Secondary collateral will be required however.

Thought I would put it out there for comments, if no one is interested in the Conference family I will probably start a national ad campaign (popular cars on the East Coast).

Like a lot of race cars out there, the seat is custom fit for my rear end, so I will be keeping it. However, 200 of the purchase price will go to the cost of a new seat to fit the new drivers need. (Once you find one that fits, it is impossible to give up. Might even put it in my living room of my new house, if I ever get to build it). If you have a seat you love, take 200 off the price.

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Scott Norton

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Makes me sad, there is no joy in mudville tonight. Good Luck Rod, and good luck with the sale. Miss ya out there buddy.
This is just temporary right Rod?????
You WILL be surprising us with another race car later when things get back to normal?
Good luck with the re-build on your home. I know it's a big job.

Rod Powell

Shake N Bake Baby
Should be temporary Lynn, but to be honest, temporary is in the control of the local government.

At the rate we are proceeding right now, temporary is stacking up to be about three years!

Gotta go take a sedative now, gets me boiling every time I think about it.



Please contact me-- if you think you might seperate the LS engine package. BTW--18 months for site approval, 6 months for engineering approval and another 8 weeks for plan review in Pierce County for my house! Tres frustrating! I really feel for ya!