Cascade "Rosecity Opener" April 26/27, 2014


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Glad to see Drivers starting to sign up for our first race of the 2014 season. Just a small FYI, I will be gone to Long Beach to work the Grand Prix, but I'll be back to answer any questions on Tuesday April 15th. OMG that's tax day, glad I have mind already in the mail. Look forward to seeing everyone very soon.


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Thank Trunk Monkey!! There will be a Drivers Training before each race this year at PIR. Of course, we will have Test and Tune for licensed racecar drivers....Sorry not novices. Passing everywhere on the track. $180

Tracy Klein
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It was a good weekend. Thanks workers for putting up with the cold, rain, wind and hail on Sunday.
Ya wanna talk about the weather, or do something with it? I saw some serious skool in the pool goin' on.

Springtime in the Northwet. But I could do with some drier climbs at the Ridge in a couple weeks. Hope to see you there too.