'Bluebird' of happpiness now for sale!!


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“If you want to transport more than one (2) car to the track, tow a trailer and keep everything you need under lock and key, this is what you need. You can’t by an 40” enclosed trailer for this kind of money. Fill both tanks and your good for the season unless you do some road trips. And another thing, it’s sealed really well, no leaks. back up camera if your concerned about what you’re towing. It’225 hp Turbo Cummins, fresh turbo last year, annual VI, new steer tires, rears great, good brakes, new shocks, 5 spd. Spicer, ready for your sedan (small) had civic, crx, and FF, and FV in it. Tows well as well.

Brakes on air, you need air endorsement to be legal. Will be serviced and ready to go. Winch, fridge, deep cycle batteries (4) inverter, remote for winch, ramps, etc all included. Call if your interested and want a look. 604.838.8264.

Bob Williams / Ladner, B.C.


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I always liked the idea of coming in through the rear of a front engined bus.
Any more pics of how the rear door and ramps work?


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I will give Bob a call and ask him to send more photos Bill. Might take a few days but I will post them as soon as I receive them.



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I dont believe you need air brake endorsement in WA as long as it is registered as Motorhome. Thats the gig with the big toterhomes anyway..


I dont believe you need air brake endorsement in WA as long as it is registered as Motorhome. Thats the gig with the big toterhomes anyway..
And to do that, it will need dedicated sleeping and cooking facilities. And it needs to be inspected by WSP for compliance, prior to registration. All doable, but not a slam-dunk.

And for all you toter-home guys/gals, the USDOT and FMCSA are starting to crack down on horse and car trailers. If you're taking home *any* trophies or winnings, regardless of how much value that may have, it is now being considered an "intent for profit", which is one of the criteria for commercial carrier classification.



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I think it can be easily shown that car racing has no intent for profit whatsoever!

Note that the law was passed in 1986 -- Federal Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act (FCMVSA/86).

The reason horses got into this was this phrase:
"Commerce" can be more loosely defined as actually "involved in a commercial venture" or the "intent" to make a profit. Running a commercial stable, hauling horses for show (with intent to profit), race, sale, training, or for compensation are some examples of commercial enterprises. Prize money and showing to increase the value of the horse can be interpreted as profit.

This would apply to a car in the strictest sense if racing the car made it more valuable or you made money at this.

I don't know how it could be argued that building a $20K car, putting another $20K into it over 5 years, and then selling it for $10K -- oops forgot the $100 in trophies you won -- could ever be construed as for profit.

With a thoroughbred race horse you could increase its value with every win.
The car? I don't see it.