Black duster


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The old man (aka LEE) says that he remembers a race with it in 1977 at Westwood in Group 5. What do you want to know about it?


Does anyone remember the Black Duster that raced in the '70s +in Conference from BC
It was called the Devils' Coffin and ran a 340 I believe. As I recall it was driven by Jack Cave. We had several good races against my Javelin. Reliability was a big issue for all the AA-Sedans in that group (later merged to become D-Production cars) lots of power. heavy and never enough brakes. Some were modified out of the class into A Improved Production. Back in the day the classes always ran groups 1 through 7 in numeric order, you could run a production car and after the race change the designation on the side (and for another $20.00) run it as a Improved Sedan and then (with another class change) run it as an A Sports Racer. Drivers got in three 30 minute races in a weekend and a lot of practice and qualifying in as well. Ever wonder why Crap Can enduro racing became so popular?) Back to the Duster, One season the car just quit showing up at the track and disappeared into the great garage of mystery where many old and unloved cars go to gather dust awaiting their discovery by someone who will breath new life into them. Jack towed with a black Dodge Van with a large rendering of Satin himself painted on the side. This of course led to ask Jack if he had personally posed for the painting as it was often remarked "That Jack Cave looks like the Devil". With an occasional Mustang and a Camaro or two thrown in It was fun racing and a great bunch of "bigger than life" guys to have a beer with at the end of the day. Almost all drivers stayed around the track to watch the races and congratulate the winners rather than the mad dash to leave the track as soon as your race was done that is so prevalent today.
I remember the duster, It ran with a license plate : SYLMF translation, see you later my friend.... your translation may be a little different!