Big change at pacific!

Richard Broadhead

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Sorta, but drivers will barely notice it.

They added a drag strip cutoff road (BEAUTIFULLY PAVED) directly in front of the Turn 2 station. The perception looking back toward T1 is really gonna fool the workers. The 'illusion' is, you're now about 15 feet closer to the track! But it is an illusion. Station has not been moved for 20 years.

It does give drivers an optional area to turn in to and get close to the station with a disabled car. Worth noting for that reason.

Three or four Pro3 guys were out testing the new tires and/or breaking in fresh engines today.
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From one of those sneaky Pro3 guys -

Only change to the track surface is that it took freeze damage just like the public roads from the hard winter. Pavement's noticeably breaking up in the T2 braking zone, T2 track-out, & the sinkhole between 3B & 4 is worse.