August 27-29 IRDC - Thunder on the Ridge - 2021


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August 27-29 will be our last race of the year, Thunder on the Ridge - 2021

A few things have changed over the past few years at TRMP, here are the highlights.

  • Lot-o-paddock space! We will NOT be using the area behind the go kart track for parking like we did in the past. Trust me, TRMP paved everything and we should not have the issues we have faced in the past!

  • The entrance has CHANGED, it is much sooner so don’t just blow by!

  • The start/finish for motorcycles is different than for cars, we will be using the same location we always have for our races.

  • This will be a non-chicane race. The chicane has not been certified by ICSCC for race use at this time. We will most likely review it during our weekend.

  • The school building was removed so we will be using the new school location for Drivers Services. It’s located on the bottom floor of the new building facing the restrooms.

  • The gate will be open on Thursday starting at 7:00pm for early entry to TRMP.

  • We will be short on volunteers, like all year so if you know someone who can help please have them sigh-up on MSR so we can track them, Vol IRDC Thunder at Ridge 2021. Don’t hesitate to let myself or Coley know if you or someone you know is available.

  • The link for race registration is here, IRDC Thunder at the Ridge - 2021