Apology to Steve Adams

How many ways can I say sorry for being "un-observant".

I just accidently scrolled down past the "Recently Updated" box on our web page and low 'n behold, discovered some the video clips. I have seen them before elsewhere, but had no idea they were on our home page.

Steve, please please tell me that it's somewhat of a new addition.

My monitor is a big one, but the screen bottoms out after the text under the "Recently" box and hides everything else.

You've done such a great job on the site, I feel bad not noticing the whole picture until now. Sheeeesh
Can I change my settings so I get the whole front page of our site or is this area not being shown on everyone's monitor because of the size of the page??

Steve Adams

Just this guy, ya know?
Here I was thinking you'd written an erroneous report about me passing under yellow... :)

Anyway, no apologies necessary, but WHAT kind of screen resolution are you running that the page "bottoms out" just below the "Recently updated" text?! Even at 640x480, I see all the way down to the top part of the video. Is your browser (which is what, by the way?) set to display some magnification level greater than 100%? 'cause that's just weird.

The modified masthead (now showing race cars) is something I wanted to do all along but ran out of time for. Thanks to Brian Benthin, I now have that. The video was something that just sort of "came up" a few weeks ago.
"sort of came up a few weeks ago" OK, now I feel better. (passing under the yellow hmmmmmmm can be arranged)
Thomas says he set my screen up with the resolution it has for one reason or the other (can't remember) and I just use explorer.

But now that I know it's there I can check every now and then for new footage.
I still feel a tad un-observant though.

Thanks Steve

Steve Adams

Just this guy, ya know?
But now that I know it's there I can check every now and then for new footage.

Actually, there won't be any: I only put that video there to sort-of showcase racing in Conference. It's not completely representative, of course (where are the OW cars, obviously), but it's got a nice production value. If/when someone comes up with something better, I'll replace it.