Anybody need crew help for the March 8 Enduro?


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I'll be at the March 7 driving school and since I live in the local area, I plan on being at the Enduro the next day (Sunday). If anybody needs any crew help (changing wheels, adding fuel, prepping the car, etc) on Sunday, let me know.

I have crewed before on a NASA SoCal Ford Focus endurance race team and had a good time. I own a Spec Miata but I'm also familiar with Mustangs and BMW E30s.



Michael Colangelo

Bill Bonsell

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Hey Mike....

I am also planning on coming over on the 8th for the enduro and also would like to assist anyone in anyway. Looks like I will no be doing the school but will defer until the summer school. My Boxster needs new rotors but not enough time. Am going to run SCCA track trials I think as well as trying to do the Conference track late March...

Seat and harnesses installed. Kill switch welded in but not hooked up. Getting my car very close to ready but still a bit aways....need an extra set of wheels and tires.....

Look for me on Sunday...I'll be driving my red Boxster.....hopefully the weather will cooperate! :D



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Gentlemen, we can always use workers out on the turns or in the paddock. So if you don't hook up with a team please come work and enjoy the event up close and personal, we'd love to have you!
Anyone else who is not driving or otherwise free that Sunday is very welcome of course, and I'm sure will be needed.

Thank you,
Wes Tipton

Bill Bonsell

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March 8th workers

Hey Wes...

Not sure how early I can get there (coming over from Poulsbo), but will try and get there as soon as I can. Where should I go to make my self available to assist? Would definitely like to help out.....


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There is a workers meeting first thing in the morning, usually at 8:00. If you can't make that then come to the paddock and ask for either myself or Bruce Boyd. We'll be wearing our NWERS gray jackets and radios, so we shouldn't be too hard to find. I'll keep an eye out for your red boxster.


The Pros From Dover
Good point Wes. With the scheduling conflict between this event and the first SCCA race at Portland, the help WILL be needed. With 12 turn stations to staff and a minimum of two per turn, it will take 24 just for bare minimums out there. Add all the other specialties and it quickly becomes obvious that IRDC will need all the help it can get. Unfortunately, I'll be at my home track for the weekend rather than up at Pacific. Good luck and hope everything runs smoothly.

OK, how about if every driver has a designated turn they have to stop at so the workers can get a porta pottie break. 6 Hours.....thermos' of coffee.....wait they might have to stop twice.
And for the turns that don't have a blue room without crossing the track.....MEN ONLY!

Richard Broadhead

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Jeff and I are planning to be there to work in body if not in mind.

2B and 3A are the 'men only' stations for an extended time race. Even 6 had a 'lounge' last year. I assume they'll put one there this year? Worked out good in 2008.

As usual when push reach's panic and turns into hysteria, 10 can be covered from 9 and 1 can be covered by S/F. There's usually enough qualified types in the pit area to handle responses.

Yes, Lynn. When is IRDC getting that Latte' maker for the back of the Track Marshall's pick up?