AIM software frozen in XP?


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Is AIM developing their software for more recent operating systems?

Their website doesn't show anything beyond XP, and I'm not seeing anything for Macs or Macs running windows.

Any resources would be appreciated.

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Charlie Coffin

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I can attest that everything I've tried works on windows 7. Minor things are different between the two. All documentation uses xp though and common sense will allow you to find what you need in 7 based on the Xp documentation.


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I'm running Win7 on a Mac via a VM. No issues running AIM, nor connecting to the devices. From my experience with virtual machines, the hardware interface is usually the biggest problem.

I've also run AIM from Bootcamp, prior to installing VMWare.

Same comment for MoTec, in case anyone cares ... :wink:



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Thanks for the info. Looking to buy a new laptop so wanting to know if newer PC or even Apple options are avaialble.