A Guide to Understanding Mike B


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If you're behind me or in front of me, here's how to figure out what I'm telling you. I'm not saying I'll do these every time, and I'm not saying everybody has to do the same thing. But this is how you figure out what I want you to know, from me to you.

With a little formatting, you can print this out onto a sticker and tape it to your dash for convenient reference.

Open hand, steady out the window: I've got mechanical or I'm tired of this, and I'm looking for a place to park.

Open hand, waving out the window: I appreciate that! Sometimes combined with steady open hand on cool-down lap.

Dropped driver net: I'm pretty much OK.

Driver net up: I'm not conscious, or I still think I'm racing, or please help me at your soonest convenience.

One finger up: I didn't appreciate that.

Four fingers up: A bouquet of single fingers has been delivered for you because I really didn't appreciate that.

Closed fist out the window: There is a yellow nearby, I am checking it up.

Waving fist out the window: There is a big yellow nearby, I think I see a worker on course, I'm really checking it up.

Point over the roof: Get me on the right.

Point out the window: Get me on the left.

Point out the window, wave in a "shoo shoo" motion: Get me in that direction, I'll lift a little to get this done now so please hustle it along.
Could you add a little something to the "Dropped driver net". A waving hand out the window might better indicate that you are much prettier "OK".

Thanks, ekiM these things are well thought out, and important driver tidbits.
No, really. There is. Pretty much okay leaves much to be assumed. It's important to make yourself pretty, because company should be arriving soon.