A big thank you, dash for kids xxxi


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I would like to thank all the drivers, crews, volunteers and spectators that helped make the Dash for Kids XXXI
a most successful events for Cascade. It was such a great feeling to see the very crowded paddock. I also want to thank all the drivers who helped with the noontime rides. Seeing the smiles on the faces of those kids and "adults" that took rides was at times overwhelming. I had two nephews who were some of the many who were able to participate.

Cascade also thanks the drivers who took everything in stride with the problems that we had with the computer gremlins that took registration down for a time Sat. and Sun. AM, but mostly for hanging in there on Sunday when again the gremlins came back and got Timing and Scoring big time. And we thanks all those that came up to help put us back together.

I also want to acknowledge the great job done by the Cascade Charity Committee for the silent auction, the T-shirts, the lunches, and etc. Also Scott Goodrich and his team for organizing the Noontime rides.

Also one more item, thanks to all who participated in the Parade Pace Laps for Dick Whittemore. His family was there on Saturday and were very overwhelmed with the respect shown for one of our own.

I really could go on with thanking all that made the weekend happen, but in reality it was our Conference Family that made it so special.

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and that we will see all of you next year.
I'm so proud to be a Member of Conference.


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Despite a catastrophic blown headgasket with 2 laps to go in the 1 hour enduro Saturday, I had an amazing weekend!

I didn't get much of a chance to get out racing this year, but this was a "must attend" event for me, and it didn't let me down.

There was lots of things that could have been focused on and even combined all together made for a rough weekend, but I agree, there was a great vibe throughout the paddock this weekend. It really had a family vibe, with people joking around, bench racing, and (occasionally) auto racing!

Perhaps the tribute laps for Dick had a lot to with this? Maybe that combined with the constant visual reminder of what is going on around us all right now in the PNW (smoke from all the forest fires) reminded us all that in the end we are all there for the same reason: to escape our daily problems and just have fun.