94 Integra ITA/H4 $5000 and 91 International Car Hauler "RV" $8000


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Put them together and you have everything you need to go racing (minus your personal gear) in a self contained easy to store package. Package price $11500. We are selling because we realized we only need one racecar due to life changes. The car currently lives in the truck which has worked really well for us considering we live in the city and have limited garage space available. I will bring them both to the ridge to display and demonstration. The car can be made available to rent for the weekend for those interested in purchasing.

1994 Acura Integra RS:

This car has proven to be extremely reliable and can run mid pack or better, it doesn't have the pace to keep up with the most developed ITA cars. That said, one could spend a lot more money building a car that is not as fast or as reliable. Fully built Integras of this generation and the previous generation are top contenders throughout the country in ITA. I think body swaps are now allowed in IT so the car could also be built into an ITS car with a GSR engine where they are also competitive. The build on this car is relatively basic and uses what is probably the cars original engine. The car has been involved in a few fender benders in its racing history and currenlty has some sheet metal damage on the right side due to an off track excursion.
- Can race in ITA, ITX, H4, and EP
- Nuespeed Koni Yellows (shortened shaft)
- 8K front srping and 10K rear spring
- Progress 24mm race rear sway bar
- Spare engine disassembled and ready for rebuild with .040 over pistons included
- 1 good transmission in the car, 1 transmission with good gears but bad case, and one with a good case and bad gears
- Kosei K1 wheels with Toyo RA1s 225/45/15
- Cobalt XR1 brake pads

1991 International 4700:

Homemade conversion of a box truck to car hauler. It isn't close to being "finished" but serves well as a transport and most importantly has been blessed by the Washington State Patrol as an RV. It is equipped much better than UHaul trucks. Engine is a DT360 which is an industrial I6 in-frame rebuildable type as opposed to the 444 which is also found in pickup trucks. Modifications to date include ramps (these run about $1400), a second battery bank for house loads, a stove for compliance, raised living space area with storage underneath. There is plenty of room to add storage underneath the body for storage and other customization. We have been towing the 2nd car behind but there is probably room in the box to stack a car on top.

More information, pics, and editing to come.


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Oh man, that is a SUPER cool rig...! Sorry to see you selling, and sure wish I afford it. Good luck. Mirko
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I've raced against this Integra and can say that it's plenty competitive. Good looking car, too.

Good luck with sale!