[Sold] 82 RX-7 Pro-7 Race Car -- Great Novice Car -- Tall guys Race car!


LoCoFoMoCo Racing
82 RX-7 Pro-7 race car (updated to 85)
Moving to a different car.
Currently at Pro-7 spec -- could be converted to ITA, or used for Lucky Dog/Chump.
Holds various Pro-7 Race and Qualify Lap records

Tall guy car! 17" wide Aluminum seat, lowered to accomodate 6'5" or taller driver.
My 6'8" nephew drove this car during a license run in Conference!
Easily converted to regular driver with seat sliders.
Nascar style door bars, tire intrusion bar, cross braced overhead, A-piller bar, ICSCC stamped cage
6 point race harness (still valid)

Autometer instruments
Removable wheel
Window net
Cool suit brackets and adjustable speed switch

Strong spec 12A rotary engine and trans
Adjustable jet carb and Pyrometer. K&N air filter w/ cold air intake
12 Gal fuel cell w/foam
Holley pump
Electric fan

Pro-7 spec suspension with custom Bilstein gas shocks front and adjustable rears
Bump steer spacers
LCA Ball and Socket drag strut
All other allowable poly bushings
LSD and disc brake rear axle with Stainless brake lines
Recent front rotors/Pads with stainless brakes lines
3" cooling for front brakes and 2 x 2" lines for caliper.

Many mechanical spares including 3 sets of rims (spec)

This car has been run in Conference for almost 8 years.
In the right hands it is a strong finisher but an excellent Novice car.
These are one of cheapest and reliable cars that you can buy or race in Conference.

$4750 not including Digital Acquisition System.
Bill of Sale only, no title.
Comes with spares.
Delivery possible (let's talk)

I also have a complete 85 RX-7 GSL roller with all glass and body panels intact and in good shape.
Curently has stock GSL disc brake rearend, but no engine, trans or interior (to speak of). Needs metal sunroof.
$750 OBO (can be titled, but comes with Bill of Sale.)

Early RX-7 flexible ITA font air dam

Early RX-7 body-attached rear spoiler
Click on my Pro-7 #2 link in my sig to see it installed

Early RX-7 5 speed transmission (came out of working car)

Bill 425-529-8829 cell/text me
Email at bossbill [add the at sign] comcast [add the dot net]

Location: Maple Valley, WA
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LoCoFoMoCo Racing
Update -- Sparco seat sliders and adjustable rear brace have been added.
The car now easily fits anyone from about 5' 7" to 6' 5" plus.
Since it has a 17" wide seat it will fit you, even if you've been sitting on the couch too long eating Bon-Bons watching F1 instead of getting out there racing!

Additional pics:

Essentially you are buying a rollcage with a free car thrown in!
Truck and trailer are not for sale...
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LoCoFoMoCo Racing
What? Too much money? For a dialed in race car?
Two weekends RENTING the other guys car will buy this fantastic little car (for big and little race car drivers) and then you can OWN it!
Don't you want to see me finishing my other race car?

$4498.88 OBO (I hear some people consider 8s lucky)

Richard Broadhead

Flag & Com
WOW! That is a heck of a bargain price for a quality car like that!! For heavens sakes, do not lower it any more. Do some advert's in different places.


LoCoFoMoCo Racing
WOW! That is a heck of a bargain price for a quality car like that!! For heavens sakes, do not lower it any more. Do some advert's in different places.
Thanks Richard. It is advertised in other, different places, with links back to this thread.

Maybe people are scared of the rotary engine? Many places in the area rebuild these engines. They are brutally simple, but seem to scare off people. This engine is still really strong. It can still out drag most Miatas down the straights of PIR (no chicane) and give them fits going into T1 at PR.

These cars are arguably one of the cheapest ways to enjoy wheel-to-wheel racing. The cost per event is really low.

This week only I will include a complete 1980 GSL roller. This parts car has good bodywork along with its disc brake rear end and LSD. The engine and trans are gone and the interior is crap. But it's great if you get into a shunt.

If you buy this car you are buying a cage and getting a complete racecar for free.