78' March FA Serial number 1


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Hey Open wheelers.
This is a early heads up on some race cars that are coming out of mothballs from a shop in the Midwest. Some of the S2000's and FC's haven't been raced currently or at least in the past 10 years :)

This is reported to be a former Pro FA car and has data to back it up. It has been stored in rafters and will need to be restored to get it back to its glory days. I have a few preliminary photos and I am waiting for the parts list along with pricing. The seller Son mentioned they have around 12 to 15 open and sports racers and the shop and in storage, so as they roll them out I will post up what he has and more info.


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I have more photos of the suspension bits and wheels section , but just received the photos of the bodywork. My understanding is this was powered by a Lotus twin cam. I am still waiting for the engine photos..


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This car doesn't have a motor or the internals to the gear box... They do believe they have a spare tub for it from a car that was wrecked. This is definitely a project car...