62 Lotus (Ford) Cortina #164, C. Donaldson


Bryan Woodbury, CSM 97
Anyone know about this car?

The historian from ICSCC thought I should contact some of the clubs directly to find out some info on a car once raced in the series. I purchased a 62 Lotus (Ford) Cortina that was raced at PIR and SIR from 1990 to 1992, it is blue, had number 164 and the logbook says the owner/driver was a C. Donaldson. I'm trying to find any info on it so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Mike Barrett
NorCal Shelby Club
Turns out that Michael "Mad Dog" Lanthrop owned and operated/raced that car as #64 and won the ICSCC GT4 Championship in '87. Contact info shared.
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Bringing back scary cars
Many years ago I bought a 66? Lotus Cortina that had a brush with an oak tree, car was done, put the engine in a 71 Capri along with the steering wheel, that engine would rev to the moon.


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1988 – I am not seeing either #164 or Charles Donaldson on season final results.
1989 – not available
1990 - #164, Charles Donaldson, IRDC took 2nd in the year’s GT-4
Championship, with 75 points (1st was John Boyko with 107, 3rd was 67).
1991 - #164, Charles Donaldson, IRDC won the years GT-4 Championship,
With 103 points gained from all 8 races (2nd was Al Beebe 101,
3rd was Alan Russell with 98).
1992 - #164, Charles Donaldson, IRDC only attended the 1st race at Portland
(DNF or DNS?)

Lee Fjellanger (with help from documents of Gary Hallberg & Trout Roberts)
I bought this car from Mike McDaniels in 1984. At that time it had a 1600cc pushrod ford engine and the rear axle housing (shortened) out of a 2L Capri. I put in an all steel twin cam and close ratio 5 speed and raced it in Conference (GT-4) in 1984, 1985, and 1986. I sold it to Mike Lathrop who raced in in Conference in 1987. He sold it to Chuck Danielson who race it in Conference for 2 more years.
Andre Samson ran the car in 1983 in GT-4 (ICSCC). He did the novice program in either '83 or '82. The car was origionally built by Mike McDaniels, I think as a B sedan car. He raced the car for many years in Conference.


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Lawrence said,
"I've got memos back before then, I'll have a look and get back to you."

Hi-jacking the tread a bit (but still on old, old information):
Lawrence, how far back do you have memos for?

I own a Elden formerly run by
Norm Hernandez DSR, 1990 & 1991 (and NOT 1992 in ICSCC)
(I think I have all ICSCC, but have not looked SCCA)
Mike Oberholtzer DSR ? ,1988, 1989, & 1990
(I'm mostly OK for records on above)

Steve Doty maybe first some FL, then DSR, unknown years.

Terry Annis was the first owner in the US,
it's first US technical Inspection was in August 1976 for SCCA in Portland.
He ran it for a while as FC, then as FL.

So Lawrence (or anyone else), can you look to fill in any more
information on those prior 'unknown years'?
Probably easiest to look at the final season's points for those
few classes (FC, FL, & DSR) and noting when any of above
3 driver names are listed in those classes. Then check on individual
events results to see make, if it = Elden. (BINGO, got it!)
Thanks in advance, Lee
Mike Barrett here...newbie but old news...After a long fight with the above-fore-mentioned Ford Cortina previously owned by Charles Donaldson, Mike McDaniels, Mike Lanthrop, Steve Justis and Andre Samson...it's finally done! Drove it the other day for the first time. I have some bugs to work out but so far all is good.
My big question is...does anyone have photos of this car when they raced it? 6 weeks or so from today, the big annual all British car show in Woodland California is going on and I'd like to complete my display board. Again, I apologize for the length of time here, there was some concern I wouldn't be able to finish it off, but made it all happen and here I am.
Thanks to all who did research here...


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Wondered what happened to that car, beside it going south. I have some photos of the car When Steve and Chuck ran it. The Lathrop years were part of the missing years. :)

I'll try to send photos I have via your email here. If they don't arrive send me an email address.



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Here are some pics of your car.

#464 me going through the Carousel at Westwood. Would have been the weekend
I won the GB Stern Novice Drivers Award, 6/2/1984. [Steve Justiss ran the
car 1985 and on, then Mike, then Chuck]

#64 Steve Justiss going through turn 9 at what would have been Seattle
International Raceway 1985 [before it returned to Pacific Raceways] As #64
he would have been a Senior driver by then so later in the season.

#164 Chuck entering turn 9 at SIR. Don't know what year.

Arty shot of Chuck's car [what can I say, I pretend to be an artist] the
same weekend as above.

B&W same weekend. [two exposure bracket :) ]

Hope all is well.

Andre scan0001.jpg
Andre, didn't get any of the action photos...You can send them to my home email if you would..Forderator@comcast.net.

Question-Did the car ever have the Euro bubble flares on it? I got the car from Mike Druin down in Lodi, Ca. It was painted blue with an orange stripe...fiberglass doors, decklid and hood, plus the flares???
Very cool Andre and thank you again..looks like it has the glass rear deck-lid, and most definitely a different flare on it..and a weird coincidence that we painted the car yellow!!!
That's what Mike Druin described them as...Escort Bubble Flares..having a tough time uploading a pic or I'd show ya'll what it looks like now..
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