2022 Finalized Schedule


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April 2 TC Time Trials/Driver Training ORP
April 29 CSCC Driver Training/Test and Tune PIR
April 30 - May 1 CSCC Race #1 and #2 PIR
May 13 IRDC Driver Training/Test and Tune PR
May 14-15 IRDC Race #3 and #4 PR
June 3-5 NWMS Race #5, #6, and #7 SCR
June 9 TC Time Trials/Driver Training PIR
June 17 CSCC Driver Training/Test and Tune PIR
June 18-19 CSCC Race #8 and #9 PIR
July 15 IRDC Driver Training/Test and Tune PR
July 16-17 IRDC Race #10 and #11 PR
August 12 CSCC Driver Training/Test and Tune PIR
August 13-14 CSCC Race #12 and #13 PIR
August 26 IRDC Test and Tune The Ridge
August 27-28 IRDC Race #14 and #15 The Ridge
September 16 SCCBC Test and Tune Mission
September 17-18 SCCBC Race #16 and #17 Mission
September 24 TC Time Trials/Driver Training ORP
September 25 TC Race #18 ORP
October 15 CSCC Enduro PIR

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Mission Raceway Park has just announced a drag race weekend on July 23-24. See their Facebook page.


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The original post now reflects the current 2022 ICSCC calendar of events.

A few changes and additions: SCCBC's race at Mission has moved to September 17/18 with a Test and Tune on the 16th. Oregon Raceway Park is back on the schedule with TC hosting a single race on September 25th. These two weekends are the final two championship race weekends of 2022.

IRDC has added a Driver's Training on May 13th and July 15th. TC has added a tentative Time Trials/Driver Training at PIR on June 9th.

The rest of the schedule is unchanged from the tentative one posted in November.


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Always enjoy attending the Spokane event.

Has the promoter worked out an agreement of use for the coming season and therefore the date is an absolute or tentatively on the schedule subject to a track use agreement?

Jim Venable
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At this time it's tentative. The track hasn't given any of the users a green light yet that I'm aware of. Since the track was purchased just later last year, the new track owners are still working through things.