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Richard Broadhead

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Yes, shocking for me. Randy Blaylock was looking for the "IRDC Turnworker of the Year Trophy" to get ready for the next persentation of the 2012 award and he contacted me to 'return' the 2011 issuance of it. Sadly I had no knowledge of any such reward (recognition) having been granted to me. Randy spent considerable time tracking down what had happened and indeed, I had been given such an honer.. sigh. I now have, thanks to Randy, said award (in just two days) in it's acrylic form (never saw it in it's original form) of concluding the discussion about this.

I'd like to take a just a moment to thank the people who honored me as the Turn Worker of the Year in 2011. Having spent the last 6 months of 2010 recovering from Quad bypass surgery (just after the Historics weekend), and six months at a recovery facility learning how to walk again (due to several strokes in the recovery room after the surgery)..... 2011 was a major year for me. ICSCC means a lot to me. The year of 2011 being back at the track played a major part in me rehab. program.

I don't have a way to get to the track(s) in 2013, but I sure hope to be back with you guys some time in the future. And just know I miss being a part of the weekend activities.

Thanks again for the honor. So, who got the award for 2012??
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Steve Adams

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I think it must be IRDC Turnworker of the Year, not ICSCC. Still, an honor any way you look at it! :)


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Yes it was the IRDC Worker award Richard received. The winners for 2012 were Ralph Hunter for communicator and Tasma Wooton for worker.