[For Sale] 2002 Lexus IS300 5sp Manual 170k Miles $9000


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Rare manual transmission car with factory LSD. It is not perfect but probably the best one available. The car is garage kept and only driven occasionally. It's rarely driven in the rain and not used to haul anything aside from the occasional passenger. The interior is very clean and has been professionally detailed recently. This car is setup to provide excellent handling without compromising comfort. It is probably the most fun to drive sedan in its power range and probably more fun to drive than some other cars with a lot more power.

This car is perfect for someone looking to get into track days and only wants to own one moderately priced car. We used this car to do One Lap of America in 2012 where it was seriously outgunned on power but was also very reliable. The car has turned a 2:05.6 at the Ridge which is pretty good for a car with street tires and stock springs. I really enjoy doing track days with this car but I don't get to do track days with it anymore because racing consumes too much money and time. Since I'm not able to use it on track and on track is where I enjoy the car the most it is for sale.

-Bilstein HD Shocks
-Hotchkis Sway Bars
-Figs Engineering 13" Big Brake Kit Utilizing the Stock Caliper and Supra TT Rotors
-Supra NA Clutch (Conversion to a traditional flywheel and sprung clutch instead of dual mass flywheel. This allows
the flywheel to be resurfaced during clutch replacement)
-Figs Engineering CDD Delete (Removes needle valve in clutch line so the clutch behaves like it does on most cars)
-Lexus GS 17x7.5 Wheels (This allows 235 width tires to fit better)
-JoeZ Intake Tube in Black with Stock Airbox (Appears Stock)
-Tanabe Touring Medallion Exhaust (Among the most quiet available)
-Megan Racing Y-Pipe
-Bluetooth Integration with Factory Stereo

-Timing Belt and Water Pump were replaced in 2007 at 100k miles. The timing belt should be changed again at 190k miles.
-Upper Ball Joints, Lower Ball Joints, and Compensator Bushings were replaced in 2012.
-Clutch replaced in 2012.
-Transmission replaced in 2012 with a lower mileage unit.
-Fluids and such replaced as needed.
-Tires should be replaced if you plan to drive in the rain.
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