[Sold] 1991 24ft Wells Cargo trailer $2,000


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I’m acquiring a newish trailer for the 2019 season and need to send my old trailer down the road so to speak.

1991 24ft Wells Cargo. Tires, brakes and bearings have been done within the last five years.

Admittedly not the prettiest trailer in the paddock but it’s solid, reliable and dry. Always got us to the track and home.

Before I subject myself (or Scott) to Craigslist people thought I’d see if anyone knows of new drivers that could put it to use for a bargain price. Was thinking about putting it on CL for $3k but I’d love to get it to a club member for $2k. Most importantly I need it gone in the next couple weeks to make room so if you’ve got a budget racer in mind we can work out payment down the road so long as they can take it soon.


Lee Storgaard
mobile: 206-218-4843
email: lee@destinationtiki.com

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