[Sold] 1985 Toyota Corolla GT-S (ITA)


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I've been racing this car in the Northwest for over 20 years, and it is a very fun and reliable car with amazing capabilities in the corners - Similar to a spec Miata to drive - 1600cc front engine, rear drive, light weight.

Car is built to ITA specs with the engine bored 0.020 over with Toyota pistons, a stainless 4-1 header, and a variable fuel pressure regulator and tuned MAF sensor. There is an oil leak at the front of the engine, but it runs great, and the car is very reliable...now that I've figured out how to strengthen Chinese alternators, the only replacements available.

Suspension uses TRD blue short travel adjustable shocks (new a few years ago) with shortened struts/coilovers in front, Eibach springs, TRD front sway bar, roll center blocks and bushings all around. There are TTT (Techno Toy Tuning) adjustable front radius rods and lower control arms as well as the rear 4-link. Rear differential is a Toyota LSD rebuilt by Spence Weir.

Fuel system is an 18gal Fuel Safe Aluminum cell with custom surge tank to prevent starvation until the tank is dead empty. Car runs for 2 hours on a full tank. Car runs on 92 octane pump gas.

The body has some ripples in the hood (forgot the hood pins!) and driver's door (see pictures) but has never been involved in a major incident. Belts are new this year - camlock style buckle.


Also available is an extremely extensive spares package for $1500. This includes 8 additional matching wheels, a freshly rebuilt transmission, 4 new Brembo front rotors, 2 new rear rotors, new F/R Porterfield brake pads, 2 new starters, new water pump, new alternator (strengthened), new wheel bearings, seals, oil filters, spark pugs, and used spares for ECU, throttle body, TPS, coil, a HUGE selection of valve adjustment shims, two solid engine blocks, 2 transmissions worth of parts, passenger seat for giving the kids rides and lots of other stuff.

I can deliver the car anywhere in Oregon for free if you don't beat me up on the price.



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I've received a deposit and expect the car to be gone in a few days. If the sale falls through, I'll edit this post. Thanks, everyone for looking!