[Sold] 1969 Datsun Race Car


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1969 Datsun 510

Offering to ICSCC first, want to keep this in the NW.

GT4 Nissan L16, 12.5:1 compression motor with crank fire MSD pickup, V912 Gerolamy big valve hi-lift, asymmetrical cam head with degreed cam sprocket, DPR cam oiler spraybar, Cosworth domed pistons.

Dual Mikuni carbs.

5 speed trans, Tilton ULGC small steel flywheel with metallic 5.5" single disc clutch. 240Z water pump with Nismo large degreed dampner.

2 complete sets of tires, slicks & rain. Extra pair of Mukini carbs along with extra rear end, L16 engine block & head. Many other spare parts.

All it needs is safety belts. Current belts out of date.

Also 16' open trailer with tire rack.


Contact Dan at walkerdan727@comcast.net or 425-356-7244 for more photos(not sure if I am smart enough to attach photos to this)....