#129 Rabbit found...

#129 Rabbit race car is sitting like 4 feet from the curb. Looks like it was dumped off. Not sure if it is supposed to be there but It will probably get towed where it is sitting especially with no plates.

Car is located in West Seattle by Hans' VW.

Randy Blaylock

Highlander Motorsports
Just did a quick search of this year's season points for all groups, no hits on #129. Just means the car wasn't run this year with Conference, for what that's worth. I also reviewed this year's driver database, and we don't currently have anyone with that number, so my guess is it's not a Conference car.
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"I believe that was/is Jay Sweetman's Rabbit. He races with ICSCC i believe.


Just got this in an email anybody know Jay?
Hans said he was pretty sure he could move it but didn't want get in trouble for doing something to a stolen car...

Thanks Jeff,
Just talked to Hans he would like to be called on his Cell as well as the shop - cell:206-818-7612 shop: 206-932-5553