1 hour enduro format


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Have to say I am looking forward to the 1 hour race as much as my Group 2 class race this weekend. Had a blast on opening weekend racing against the miatas and Colin in his CRX. The chicane should only make things more competitive this round. I love mixed class and endurance racing and this format is a big winner for me!

The only downer is my carefully planned tire budget is going to be stretched to the max with the 2+ hours of extra RACE time. Ah, the troubles of a racer ;)


Great SCOTT!
Well, I have bad news.

I have some things preventing me from racing this weekend. I'm sorry Eric, I spent all last week rebuilding axles, changing fluids, putting on new brakes and generally going over the car too. Oh well, I'll see you at Spokane.

On top of all that I bought 2 good seats for the F1 race in Austin and I'm not going to be able to do that either.... Anyone need tickets? :)


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Agreed on tix. Let me know I'll buy them.

I might be closer to enduro now... Just will be a Saturday call based on weather.


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Forgot to mention ...anyone else notice the difference in g8 schedule in july compared to may?

In may they squeezed a quick practice in... july no practice.
In may they alottted 20 mins for qualifying... july only 10.
There might be some on the fly schedule changes as last time they made a great effort to put 4-5 like speed cars on the track at a time to ensure a clean flier lap.


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And i am going to answer my own question. 1st round was pressure qualifying... 2nd rd (this weekend) is a 10 minute quali time (much like f1 Q3) with the order set fastest to slowest.... you have 10 minutes to get a hot lap. I for one will pit / get way off the line as soon i cross a good lap.


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The PIR schedule says there are drags Saturday night, whereas there weren't in May. I'm guessing that's why pressure qualifying format isn't being used this time. That and 3 bucks will get you a cup of coffee. :tongue: