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Thread: 2019 Annual Instructor training at O.R.P. March 16th

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    2019 Annual Instructor training at O.R.P. March 16th

    Conference Drivers, Returning Instructors and Instructor Applicants
    Our 2019 Annual Instructor training at O.R.P. will be held Saturday March 16th

    Our Guest Speaker this year will be Professional Driving Coach and Instructor Mirko Freguia.

    So why do I want to do this?
    • Instructing is fun and often a great learning experience as well.
    • Learn effective instructing techniques from your peers in the driving instructor community.
    • The entry fee includes 4 hours of track time to hone the rough edges of the “off season” and a chance
    to test those vehicle modifications made over the winter.
    • The driving portion of the day helps us train our turn workers and response personnel.
    • During O.R.P.C. Days (and many other events) if a car on course is to be occupied by more than one
    person, one of them must be an instructor. (When you bring guests you can instruct your friends).
    • If you instruct for a STAR Projects event you get paid.
    • Your registration fee is only $135.00 and includes lunch, and an afternoon of open track.

    Attendance at our Spring Instructor Seminar is not a guarantee that you will be accepted to serve as an instructor, but it does carry significant weight in the vetting process. If you have not already submitted the information requested below, please send a brief overview of your driving history.

    Please include:
    • A list of vehicles, tracks, and years you have been involved with performance driving.
    • Competition Licenses you hold or have held (if any).
    • Racing experience (if any) significant wins or championships won (if any).
    • Driving schools or instructor trainings you have taken.
    • Any coaching or instructing experience you have been involved with (motorsports related or other).
    • Any pertinent information that would help us determine your qualification and most effective placement as
    an instructor.
    • Send us your favorite selfie to add to our file.

    Don’t be reluctant to sign up if your list of accomplishments is underwhelming, all instructors started somewhere.
    Advance registration required. Please call myself or Brenda if you have questions.

    Bill Murray
    STAR Projects Events
    10:00 a.m. to midnight.

    Brenda Pikl
    Track Office Manager

    P.S. Got a friend that would like to be a course worker? Watch races and get paid too? Sign them up today and bring them with you. Our staff training coincides with the Instructor School and registration for worker candidates is free……Call Brenda for details.

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    It's too bad this is not set up as a level 2 training for Motorsports Safety Foundation. We could use a few around this area and I think it could be a great draw for your school.
    Just a thought.

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    Thanks for the suggestion Vince.
    Can you send me a link to their specifications?
    Last time I looked our requirements were exceeding theirs.


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