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Thread: May Portland Race

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    May Portland Race

    I'm assuming no chicane for the first race?

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    No one can answer this question? I suppose I'll need to plan on running the April SCCA regional instead.

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    I'm not sure what research you have performed to answer your question but traditionally the first ICSCC PIR race is non chicane. You might try using the club contacts provided on this website to achieve a more complete answer.
    But no matter what the answer comes back with you are always allowed to race with whoever you feel meets your needs. I'm not sure of your comment intent but in my opinion it is unwarranted. Of course this is my opinion and not necessarily representative of others.
    I did not choose the rotary engine. The rotary engine chose me.

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    Comment intent? Trying to plan the 2018 season. I'm not really concerned of about anyone's opinion.

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    well it would be best to look on the website of the hosting club. look on the calendar and it will show you the event.

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    That's correct Josh, no chicane for the May opener. Chicane for the June double and Dash for Kids in August. Also leaning towards a chicane enduro in September.

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    Excellent, thank you for the info.

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    ONLY 9 DAYS LEFT--to register for CSCC's first Race event of 2018! The Rose City Opener XXVII is May 5-6. Please register at as soon as possible! Note that this includes our first "Mini-Enduro Championship Race"- see the link for the rules on the MSR Entry page. Registration is also open for our Chicane Challenge XXVI Races on June 2-3. If any questions, please contact me. Grace Skinner Registrar

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    Another update regarding the Rose City Opener next weekend---
    There is a CHANGE for entry to PIR - all entries will be through the FRONT GATE to Start/Finish (due to other activities on Broadacre) . There is no early entry on Friday until 5:00pm, with the exception of participants in the Track Day event. Due to the lineup for the Drag Races, for entry AFTER 5:00pm, please use the following route: Proceed down entry road - Turn right at first entry to South Paddock - Proceed to right side of drag staging lanes - Proceed to “Club Pit In” Road - Continue down back straight - Turn left at Turn 8 entry to North Paddock. Here is a link to a map- note that if you print the map in black and white, the arrows will not be visible. Be sure to share this information with your crew, family and friends who might be coming out on Friday or Saturday afternoon or evening.
    Grace Skinner, Registrar

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    Yes, The May 5, 6 races are no chicane races.

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