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Thread: 1979 Mazda RX7 Pro7 ITA Enduro Race Car

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    1979 Mazda RX7 Pro7 ITA Enduro Race Car

    Call 206./ 979+ 150three

    Completed the 2012 season with finishes in a 16 hour enduro, and a dozen sprint-race
    weekends in both ICSCC and SCCA.
    Reliable. Three driver's completed License Requirements.
    Comes with a set of shaved Toyos with one race weekend on them.
    Recent 12A RX-7 motor has even compression.
    Safety equipment, roll cage, and adjustable seat brace up to date.
    Set of spare wheels and engine parts.

    This is an inexpensive way to get into club racing, or run it
    in Lemons, Chump Car, and the Roll-X Endurance Races.

    Call 206./ 979+ 150three

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    Bumping for dollars.

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    Andre, di you mean to say the motor, 'even has compression?" BTW, how many $$?

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    Car sold. Now on to finding a Spec Miata.

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    Do you know if the car is staying local or what there plans are for the car.

    I did not choose the rotary engine. The rotary engine chose me.

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    Vancouver, WA. for Lemons, Chump, and Roll-X style enduros. But apparently also for the Conference Licence program for some returning drivers. But that was second hand info. It went to good hands.

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