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Thread: Reducing race weekends and other changes

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    It was hyperbole on my part, but my point is that clubs can --and have-- host races at tracks in another club's territory (with permission).
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    Steve, I believe that your are correct. When I started racing in 1988 TC hosted a race @Olympia. We gor kicked out of Olympia after the 89 race by the FCC/politics. We then hosted a race in the Tri-cities. Both events had to be aproved by the Conference board.
    As for the weather, I remember the first year @ Mission, a race weekend with 106+ in the shade. One race weekend @Oly was 104, I have been to SIR with 100+, PIR 105+, Weather is part of racing rain or shine. G
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    To provide for any permanent changes in the geographic distributions that is correct, Dave. But it's much simpler than that for more than one club to use a common track.

    Any club has the ability to permit another club to operate at a track within their territorial scope. It's simple communication and cooperation between clubs to create and provide a schedule to the Exec. Bd. as they do every year.

    You might remember that TC ran ICSCC qualified DTs @ PIR for many years. Each year that particular component of the schedule was formally allowed by CSCC's BoD. Also, co-sanctioning with another ICSCC member club is allowed as we have seen in the past at Spokane and more recently with that SCCBC/CSCC sorta thing they did.

    It doesn't need to be complicated, just communicated.
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